Sunday, 18 January 2015

Peer Rope Oxford

Back to the alma mater.

Seems I've been recommending John Carey's The Unexpected Professor all day today. Here we are in Summertown, town and gown. I photograph the drawings in sub-optimal conditions.

More from BOUND at the Flying Dutchman in Camberwell

I live in the dark, hence the dim quality of the photos. Subjects: DarkShibari and MaYa Homerton, Andrea Ropes and Gestalta, Nina Russ and Marica Innocente, members of the audience, Bruce Esinem.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Gorgone's class in London

'His arm looks a bit blue,' I say, regretting that I didn't bring any purple ink.

Fred checks that the model is OK and says, 'Colour happens.'

To the sound of a dishwasher, I'm drawing a private class, led by Olympic-standard rigger, model and teacher Gorgone.

Listen to the rope, says Gorgone.

She feels she has more control as a model than as a rigger.

The other Fred shows me his hands raw from smoothing out the kinks in new ropes. It makes me think of picking oakum - unravelling tarry ropes in order to make bulky material needed for ship-building. This labour or punishment was assigned to Victorian prisoners and workhouse inmates.

Thanks to Gorgone, Munster Mash, Fred Hatt, Miss Bones.

More pictures if you scroll down.